Generac Aftersales Support

There are a number of accessories suitable to Michigan.:

remote monitoring
This remote information head keeps you informed about the current status of your Generac,
from anywhere that has net access, giving you the ability to check your unit from anywhere anytime.

Battery warmer - Generac provided image
This cold weather kit keeps your oil and battery warm on cold days to provide maximum starting power.

Case kits
There are even paint kits to keep your Generac protected and looking like new.

regular service
Like all machines, your Generac will need periodic maintenance. We at DHM Services are your maintenance pro's
with on demand service calls or contract maintenance to cover all your needs.
We carry and stock AMSOIL products, when you want only the best for your electrical lifeline.

For questions or information, call us at (248)431-8050, (231)263-7050, or email us.

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